Helpful Hints for Happy Hanging

The following has been suggested by the Board of Directors to help members and hanging site businesses make a smooth transition during the hanging and removal of works of art by Art Guild members. This should be helpful to new exhibiting members and may benefit other members who are unclear as to how best to make the transition between the artist who is going to hang at a Guild site and the artist who is going to be taking paintings out of a Guild site.

1. Sign up sheet is passed around at the Art Guild meeting to sign up to exhibit at Guild sites. You may sign up for a maximum of one location per month*. Make sure you write down your phone number and medium on sign up sheet. Record for yourself the name and phone number of the person(s) who are showing before you. Notice any restrictions concerning the site. If somebody has signed up to hang after you, write down that name and number also.

2. Several days before you are planning to hang, contact the person(s) who is hanging at the site to arrange a time to change artwork. Keep in mind that restaurants prefer changes during slow times, and many businesses have other timing concerns. Make note of particulars for your site. Try to arrange as smooth a transition as possible, leaving the walls bare for a relatively short time, and inconveniencing the business as little as possible. If you arrive at the site after arranging the switch and the previous paintings are still there, try to contact the person again. Do not remove another person’s artwork without prior arrangement. If problems arise, arrange another time to hang. Misunderstandings and emergencies happen. Try not to involve the business establishment in your problems. We must behave in a professional manner. There will be an Art Guild plaque at each site that is to remain in place.

3. At the end of the month that your paintings have been in place, the artist to follow you will contact you to arrange a time to have your paintings taken down and the new paintings hung. If you are not contacted, call the next person to hang at that site to set the time to switch paintings. If you can’t make contact with the next artist, let the Exhibit Chairman know so she can follow up. She may ask you to leave your paintings up until the following month or until another artist can be signed up to fill in. If you must remove your work, do so. We want to make every effort we can to see that walls at hanging sites are not left bare.

4. Remember to label all work with Art Guild cards that are available at the Guild meetings. Leave an inventory list with contact information (your name and phone number or email address) with the business and leave the site as neat and beautiful as when you walked in. If any objections should arise about one of your works, replace that work with another.

5. In deference to the sensitivity of the public who will be viewing Art Guild exhibits, no nudes or artwork display of a political nature may be shown at Art Guild exhibit site in local businesses.

* If no one has signed up a month before the beginning of the exhibit month for a site, an artist may sign up for that site as a second exhibit site. If additional space at the site he/she has already signed up for is available, the artist may wish to hang in those spaces.


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