Exhibiting Membership

To become an Exhibiting Member, one must first be a paid-up Associate Member residing in Linn or Benton County for at least three months and submit artwork to be juried.
A Jury Board holds scheduled meetings to determine and award Exhibit status. The jury consists of a professional juror and two respected and proven artists selected by the Guild’s Executive Board. They will serve a minimum of twelve months. If less than three jurors are present to jury at a meeting, an alternate will be selected by the President.

Jury Process

a. An applicant should submit at least three two dimensional examples of their own, best work to the Jury Board. Work must be original (self suggested). No copies of other copyrighted artworks, or photographs, or work done in class with the aid of an instructor are acceptable.
b. Submitted art works should be carefully and tastefully matted and framed; that is, as if they were to be submitted to a juried competition. Similarly, other forms of artwork should be well presented.
c. Works should be labeled with the name of the artist, telephone number, title, and medium used.
d. Artists who wish to be juried should make application to be included in the scheduled jury process as announced in the Art Guild Brushstrokes newsletter.
e. Acceptance will be based on the applicant’s artistic competence (originality, imagination, execution, and presentation are among the criteria to be considered). Obvious copies of the works of other artists, including photographers, will not be accepted.
f. Applicants will receive notification of their acceptance or non-acceptance by the Guild’s Jury Chair. Reasons will be provided in the event of non-acceptance.