A to Z of Acrylics Program

Professional artist and instructor Corrine Loomis-Deitz has been a member and educator for Golden Artist Colors through the Working Artist Program since 1999.

According to Corrine, “The Acrylic Lecture Demo is a fun, fast-paced informative lecture covering a technical review of acrylics and their varied application possibilities. The lecture demo will present information on pigments, viscosities, gels, mediums and more.

Learn how acrylics can be used as grounds for other media, such as watercolor or colored pencil; get key information on color mixing, blending and controlling drying time; and see how gels can be used to modify paint properties or create unique textural surfaces. From traditional to contemporary to mixed media, acrylics are infinitely versatile.”

She says that “artists of all levels will come away from this lecture demo with fresh new insights to feed their creative expression.

All participants will receive free product samples and a literature packet, including hand-painted color charts.”

Please note: With so much information to cover through the lecture, demonstration and discussion, the program is scheduled to run from 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.


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