Sept. Presidents' Column~Speaking of….

Did you notice??? We’re scheduled to meet in the Corvallis Benton County Library across the park from ArtCentric for the next four meetings. This will be a trial to see if members like that venue better. It means a lot more room to spread out to do our creative thinking and sharing.

Bring your enthusiasm and critical thinking skills to the September meeting where we will consider the health and vitality of the visual arts in our counties and how the CAG fits in. This is a chance to step back and take the long view. An interesting group of panelists will share their perspectives.

Also, the CAG web page is up and running thanks to two of our members. Pam Van Londen, the creator, and Ann Rose’, ongoing maintenance, will be at the meeting to give us a brief introduction to our site. Lots of potential there!

We anticipate seeing you on TUESDAY, Sept. 4, at the Library!

Brandi Dayton and Carolyn Madsen, Co-presidents


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