2007 Clothesline Sale Report

by Chairperson Molly Perry

The 2007 Ken Stuart Memorial Clothesline Sale of Art was great, although a little down in sales from last year. Most seem to think the economy is the culprit, but we will discuss that at the October meeting.

We had a perfect day weather-wise. Sixty-seven artists signed up to participate this year, and the total sales were $38,233.30. Fourteen members had sales over $1000, and only eight exhibitors sold less than $100, with average sales of $629.

Congratulations to all who exhibited and all who helped to pull it off again this year.

Most display areas looked very professional and inviting, and the effort to make them look good pays off. If your sales are not what you would like them to be, you might consider improving your display methods. We have the largest 2-dimensional sale of art (not arts and crafts) in the Pacific Northwest, so we want to look as professional as possible, because our reputation extends many hundreds of miles from Corvallis.

A few members still are not using the Corvallis Art Guild logo cards to label their artwork, and a few had only price tags with no names on them. I have a blank template for printing the CAG logo cards on business cards (Avery and other brands sell the blank cards), so if anyone would like me to send that to them, please contact me.

Some artists were giving paintings and cards to the patrons along with the sales check instead of waiting for the patron to return with the stamped receipt. I think we agreed that we could do that with cards if we wanted to take the risk, but the Guild loses money as well as the artist if a customer does not pay for the item, so please always keep paintings and prints until the customer returns in future sales.

There was some misinterpretation of the rule on sale prices, but overall the members were good about abiding by our established rules for participation in the Clothesline Sale.

I want to thank all of the volunteers who put this together, because without them, I could not have pulled it off in Ken’s absence. A huge thank-you goes to Dave Horning, who had the forethought to lengthen our harnesses so that they would fit the growing trees on the courthouse lawn, and who marshaled all of our display equipment to and from the site and deployed it with the help of various members (and their trucks). Another big thanks goes to Ross Parkerson who organized the cashiers, and to Carolyn Madsen, who stepped in for Phyllis Johnson and attended to the money and the Visa/Mastercard terminal. Also, thanks to Marjorie Kinch for getting the paid ads together for the newspaper, Hope Meados for making sure we were listed in all the calendars on the internet and in newspapers, and Doyle Leek for getting the banner and the big signs deployed in strategic locations. Thanks to Norma Eaton and Anna Tewes for their joint efforts getting the posters and post cards for this year, and a huge thanks to Maureen Frank for organizing an advertising display at the Book Bin for our sale. Clearly, this is not a list of everyone who participated…to list them all would be almost to list the membership, but I know who you are and I am very grateful for all of your hard work. Thanks for a job well done!

Ed Note: And thank you Molly Perry for your hours of dedicated service for us.


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