Oct. Presidents' Column~Speaking of …

One of the common themes in many of the surveys completed recently was that CAG members hope we will find ways to do more outreach. We take that to mean that many of you recognize how fortunate we are to be creative people in the visual arts and that you wish to have some options for giving back to our communities. It’s great to hear of your eagerness to put ART out there in our communities, wanting to share your skills, energy and enthusiasm for the creative life.

As co-presidents, we want to make sure that each of you finds your particular niche in our Guild. We feel certain that the CAG will be implementing some outreach program(s) this year which will satisfy the desire that many have to help others enjoy the arts.

With that in mind, we are putting a lot of effort into making it easier for volunteers to know what to expect when they take on a job. We are developing job descriptions for the Board and several committee positions presently. During the Social Half-Hour at each meeting, you will find sign-up forms where you can decide whether this particular job (which we hope to have described) is where the rubber meets the road for YOU. Your involvement is so essential to the vitality of this Guild. We enjoy working with each of you as you help the Guild flourish.

We hope to see you on Monday, Oct.1, at the Library!

Brandi Dayton and Carolyn Madsen, co-presidents


Website October Tip

For those of you who missed the September meeting, you can go to our new website and choose “Register” to log on for information available only to members. Just follow the directions and complete the registration form.

For those using the site, website developer Pam Van Londen offers the following tip—

Please contribute art work for the home page banner and upcoming articles using the “Upload Art” form. Electronic files of your artwork for the banner must be 220px by 950px wide and under 1Mb in file size. Other art or photos can be no wider than 500px and under 1Mb in file size.

2007-2008 Dues

Dues for CAG membership are past due. As of the September Board meeting, over 50 members had not yet paid.

All members who have an ‘07 date on your mail label will receive a renewal form in October newsletter. The cut-off date is November 1. Printing and mailing costs were up this past year due to the increase in postage rates and in part due to sending newsletters for months to non-renewing members.

For ‘07 members, please pay your $15 this month if you wish to continue.

Members' News

Jane Ann Lehr Warkentin sold a watercolor painting, “Brownsville 1885” in July at the Corvallis Care Center. Jane Ann also had a painting “Roman Villa” selected into the Watercolor Society of Oregon’s Fall Show held in Prineville along with artwork by Kathryn Honey, Marjorie Kinch and Doyle Leek. Congratulations to all of you.

Norma Eaton reports that the Hanging Around Town site at the Country Club has requested that artists use the nails that are there or ask for assistance if you wish to move a nail/hanger at their site and to be sure that your art is at least 24″ x 30″ if you wish to use their site.

Norma is also in the process of preparing an anonymous sales survey for CAG sites that will be circulated in the near future. Currently, there are 11 hanging open spaces to fill for the fall. Check Hanging Around Town on this website.

Sue Habegger reports that after a visit to Grass Valley, CA in August, she bought a mobile home there and will be leaving on October 5. She will be having a moving sale at her place on September 28 & 29.

Anna Tewes reports that she sold 6 paintings at the Timberhill Athlectic Club this past month.

Ellen Borowski also sold a painting at Timberhill in August. Congratulations, ladies!

Paul Rickey is organizing a fund raiser for the Disabled American Veterans. The auction fund raiser will be held at the VFW Hall in Albany on the weekend of November 16-18. Paul says that a few Art Guild members have already donated paintings. Paul hopes that additional members are willing to donate paintings and hopes they will bring them to the October 1 meeting. He will be sure to deliver them in his van to the VFW Hall. Paul also expresses a sincere Thank You to all of you that have donated to assist with providing for local Veteran’s needs.

Art About Agriculture

The OSU College of Agricultural Sciences has opened its 26th annual art competition for entries.  This year’s theme is “The Nick of Time.”  The OSU competition is seeking art submissions that focus on the passage of time–day by day, season by season or year by year–each inspired by Pacific Northwest agriculture.

A prospectus is available online at hhttp:agsci.oregonstate.edu/art. To get a printed prospectus, send an e-mail to shelley.curtis@oregonstate.edu or mail a postcard request with your name and address to: Art About Agriculture, OSU, 127 Strand Agriculture Hall, Corvallis, OR 97331.

For Sale

Herbert Berman handcrafted studio easels. $180. Call Herbert for more information.

Painters Pal Easels, 6’6″, wood, A-framed. $90 + shipping. Contact John Anderson at dwatersfowl10s@hotmail.com

Studio sale of hand-built ceramics by Pat Berman. Sunday, Sept. 16, noon-5 pm. 34314 NW Maxine Circle, Corvallis

Dine for the Arts

LeBistro, 140 SW Madison Ave. in Corvallis will donate a percent of the day’s business to ArtCentric on Thursday, September 6. If you dine there that day, be sure to thank them for their generous support of the arts.