September 07 General Meeting

Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
September 4, 2007

At 7 PM the social half hour commenced. The turnout was excellent (about 60 attendees).

Social half hour: During this time, webmaster Pam Van Londen and website chair Ann Rosé had laptops available for a demonstration of the new CAG website. Numerous CAG sign-up sheets were also available. Treasurer DiAnn Acevedo was present to receive membership dues.

Presidents Carolyn Madsen and Brandi Dayton called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Webmaster Pam Van Londen with website chair Ann Rosé gave a brief introduction to the new CAG website. All members present received a business card describing what can be done on the site. Also provided were instruction sheets for registering on the site (for submitting comments or articles).

Award: President Carolyn Madsen and Brandi Dayton presented an “Above and Beyond” award to webmaster Pam Van Londen and website chair Ann Rosé.

Honorarium: Presidents Madsen and Dayton proposed that the honorarium for speakers be raised to $100. The motion was moved by Chuck Leach, then 2nd and 3rd motions were made. This was followed by a unanimous vote of approval.

Fall festival: Brandi Dayton collected the sign-up sheet and announced there were only 2 slots left. This year there is a fee of $10 and each participant must work a 1 hour shift per panel (2 panels maximum).

Jury: Brandi Dayton (jury committee member) also provided sign-up sheets for the upcoming jury process on October 2 (deadline of Sept. 20).

Artist’s corner: The presidents presented a new (experimental) idea called the artist’s corner. Each general meeting, a member can share a technique at the social half hour and for ten minutes at the start of the meeting.

Get well card: Members were asked to sign a card for Mark Allison, suffering from pneumonia.

Board members: The exiting board members were thanked, and new board members were introduced.

“The View from the Bridge – the State of Visual Art in our Communities”
Bill Shumway (Pegasus), Analee Fuentes (LBCC), Sara Swanberg (ArtCentric), and Earl Newman (Summit)

• Corvallis is saturated with art and art organizations
• Not enough patrons; more buyers are from outside Corvallis
• Corvallis is an engineering community
• CAG should draw in more young artists
o Lower student membership?
o Honorary membership?
o Provide brochures showing artist’s work etc.
o Demos at LBCC
o Donate art supplies to starting students
o Award prizes (including membership)
• Disconnect between Linn and Benton counties
o Meet in Albany sometimes?
• Sara is trying to get an “Arts and Culture” section in the newspaper
• Charlie Tomlinson (mayor) would like to promote Corvallis as a cultural center
o Should brainstorm to raise funds and promote effort
• Eugene has DIVA (nonprofit umbrella)
• Corvallis arts organizations suffer from “isolationism”
• Separation between OSU and CAG
o Should invite directly
• Would be useful to have data on the economy of the arts
o What percentage are fulltime painters? Halftime? Weekend?
o What percentage of income comes from art?
o How did you support your family if self-employed in the arts?
• Perhaps set up emergency fund for artists without health insurance
• Paul is trying to interview (video) artists for community TV
o Schools may be a good resource for videographers
• The arts should be visible somewhere every week
• demo at a children’s library
• No arts in public schools anymore

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.

Next general meeting: Monday, October 1st at 7:30 PM (library).
Next board meeting: Tuesday, September 11 at 1 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jasmine Nahorniak, secretary


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