Corvallis Fall Festival 2007

Brandi Dayton, Artist and Co Chair of the Corvallis Art Guild, sets up the booth at Corvallis Fall Festival 2007.Professional artist and fellow CAG member Debby Sundbaum-Sommers was chosen by the Corvallis Fall Festival committee to create the image for this year’s event poster. An artist’s reception was held on Saturday, September 22 at Art In the Valley. If you missed seeing her artwork, Debby is included in the artist studio tour in Philomath this month. Despite Debby’s lovely depiction of a fall rain on the Willamette River and predictions of rain for the Fall Festival celebration this past month, the end of summer sun succeeded to shine through.

And, according to event chair, Brandi Dayton, so did the sales for the artist participants of the Art Guild Booth with sales exceeding $2000. Brandi would like to thank all the participants for the success of a great looking booth and for all the volunteer labor by Linda Peachey, Jack Hartman, Carolyn Madsen, Jake Dorr, Dee Yarnell, Norma Eaton, Pam Van Londen, Katherine Friday, Cherrill Boissonou and Barbara Story.

The Guild booth at Corvallis Fall Festival 2007.The booth held a wide double space this year with our new display boards attracting a lot of attention with the passing crowd. Brandi says that perhaps we should do the same with our booth at the Fall Festival, next year.

A special thank you, Brandi, for all your hard work in putting this all successfully together for us.


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