Philomath Studios Tour

The Fifth Annual Philomath Studios Tour and Sale will be held on Saturday, October 13 and Sunday, October 14 from 10 am to 4 pm. The free, self-guided tour provides an exciting look at the wealth of creativity happening in this lush Willamette Valley.

At each studio you will see work by at least two artists as every year, artists invites guest artists to share their studio space that keeps the event both vibrant and familiar.

This year, artists Debby Sundbaum Sommers, Babette Grunwald, Lee Kitzman, Laura Berman, Harold Wood, Katheryn Byram, Judith Sander, Dale Donovan, Cris Kostel, Sara Gahagan, Lin McJunkin, Chris Giffin, Marjorie Kinch, Linda Ervin and Susan Johnson will show their work. The tour gives the community a peek at local artists’ work spaces and their processes for making art in glass, mosiac, clay, fiber, metal, watercolor, photography, monotype and many other two and three-dimensional mixed media to enjoy or to purchase.

Further information is available by calling 929-5625 or visit to learn more about the participating artists and photographs of their work and a map of the tour to download for your convenience or pick up a map at ArtCentric.


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