Oct. '07 General Meeting Minutes

Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
October 1, 2007

At 7 PM the social half hour commenced. Refreshments were provided during the social half hour thanks to three volunteers.

The turnout was approximately 40 members plus three visitors.

Co-president Carolyn Madsen called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

New member chair position: This position is now open for nominations.

Jury organization position: Brandi Dayton, the current jury organizer, is seeking someone to take over the duties of this position.

Jury: Brandi Dayton reminded members of the jury to occur tomorrow (October 2, 2007) in the library basement.

Dues: A reminder was made that dues are now due. Some members reported that the “paid to” date on their newsletter was not up-to-date. Treasurer DiAnn Acevedo is currently out of town.

Budget: The budget for the year will be finalized at the next board meeting.

Thanks: President Carolyn Madsen and Brandi Dayton presented an “Above and Beyond” award to Molly Perry for her great work with the Clothesline Art Sale. Brandi Dayton was also thanked for her involvement in both the Da Vinci and Fall Festival booths.

Exhibit chair: No news.

Programs chair: Anna Tewes is working on upcoming programs. The next program will cover using computers in arts.

Newsletter issues/volunteer: Barbary Story (newsletter editor) requested a volunteer to help with folding/stamping/labeling newsletters. Various members suggested alternatives such as: a coffee club (a group effort); using e-mail to send either the newsletter or a link to the newsletter (reducing the budget); and paying for printers to do the prep. Newsletters would still be mailed to those without e-mail. Barbara Story will look into the suggestions. Barbara True volunteered to help.

PROGRAM : Planning Our Year

Clothesline Sale Summary – Molly Perry, chair

• Sales were down this year from previous years
• Compared last year’s sales with this year’s
o Of vendors at both events, sales increased for half (20) and decreased for half, showing no trend
o More first-time vendors were present this year than ever before; the first year is usually tricky
• Many suggestions received from vendors she surveyed, to possibly increase sales
o Change dates?
o Change booth configuration?
o Change venue to Central Park?
o Add live music?

• She suggested sending personal invitations to previous buyers
• One member suggested collecting more info from vendors showing the types of items sold (glicees, originals, sizes, cards, etc)

Focus Groups

The audience split into a number of focus groups. After meeting for 20 minutes, each group presented a summary of their discussions.

Professional Artists (8 members)
• Need an overall strategy to serve the needs of the entire membership
• Some artists are professional, some more casual – all have art to sell
• Could target more venues
• Collect data on sales (where, sizes, price, etc)
• Goal: focus on making Corvallis an Art Destination
• Identify your audience and connect with them
• Gift sale before holidays (small and affordable)
• Need to form a group

Field Trips (10 members)
• Enthusiastic members
• Suggest 2 trips per year (spring and fall), starting next spring
• Start small
• Perhaps an open studios tour (by bus) within the guild
• Get acquainted with artists from Eugene, the coast, etc.
• Find out more about ARTrageous Adventures tours and organization

Clothesline Sale (5 members)
• Suggested not changing the date or location
• Move booths around (e.g. cashier in center to be more convenient)
• More advertising (Saturday market, posters, Entertainer, logos on shopping bags)
• Suggested a workshop (months earlier) on how to display effectively at a sale
• Number booths so customers can find them again

Civic Outreach (6 members)
• Need to get closer to Albany
• Need liaisons to Albany, OSU, and LBCC
• Should prepare a 5-10 minute presentation that can be presented at each location (to a class)

Education Outreach (2 members)
• Corvallis is half science and half art
• Teach learning science through art
• Proposed a children’s science museum in Corvallis

Fundraising (0 members)

Holiday Party (2 members)
• Social to get to know each other on an even level
• December 3 2007 (normal meeting date)
• Finger food
• Event to make everyone circulate
• Members bring art supplies to donate to needy kids
• Invite just the Corvallis Art Guild (not other guilds) so we can get to know each other better

Each focus group was encouraged to keep in touch with each other. Brandi Dayton suggested the use of Yahoo Groups.

Meeting with the mayor: Co-president Carolyn Madsen has been invited to attend a meeting with the mayor regarding promoting Corvallis as a Cultural Center (to be held Oct 30 2007).

The meeting was adjourned at 9 pm.

Next general meeting: Monday, November 5 at 7:30 PM (library).
Next board meeting: Tuesday, October 16 at 1 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jasmine Nahorniak, secretary


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