Feb. 2008 ~ Brush Strokes newsletter

February Meeting

Monday, February 4
Social Half Hour at 7:00 pm General Meeting at 7:30 pm
Corvallis Public Library Meeting Room
Mark Allison on“Energy Circulation In Paintings”

Freeing up Our Style
Our guest lecturer and Guild member, Mark Allison, has 35 years of experience as an illustrator, designer, teacher and fine artist. Mark currently teaches art classes at LBCC, OSU and the Corvallis Parks and Recreation for students of all ages.

Describing himself as “a stylistic explorer”, he digs into art history, revisiting stylistic movements like cubism, expressionism and impressionism. Using watercolor, acrylic or oil, he combines characteristic design elements from these various styles. Mark is known for his insightful critiques and will share his design approach to painting.

Mark says, “Understanding the principles of energy circulation in a painting can free up our style and fine tune our designs, so they affect us and others in deeper and more meaningful ways.” He will be bringing in examples and describing the methods and techniques that he uses to establish “energy circulation” in paintings and what that can mean for you. By working with design elements as “eye magnets”, Mark says that we can move our attention, as well as that of our viewers, around this visual energy field.

Please bring in one of your artworks for a helpful critique and also, a pen and paper—you will want to take notes.

Speaking of…
How time flies! During 2008, we do hope that you will choose to participate in the many opportunities for artists to expand horizons and, perhaps, even help organize a special activity for the Art Guild. There are possibilities for workshops, field trips and outreach to additional organizations. We invite you to expend some of your energy on behalf of the Guild.

Please do contact one of the Board members if there is a particular area of interest for your involvement.
Brandi Dayton & Carolyn Madsen, CAG Co-presidents

Future Workshops
The Guild has $2757 currently available for three workshops with two members signed up to help organize and one volunteer to hold a two-day workshop on basic woodcut printing by Hap Ruebens.

Carolyn Madsen requests that members contact her to suggest types of workshops to hold or an instructor who has a particular style or talent that would benefit members.

Member Honored
Richard Helmick is exhibiting a serigraph titled “American Sunset” in an exhibition titled “Imaging by Numbers” at the Block Museum of Art on the campus of Northwestern University in Chicago that runs from January 17-April 6.

The purpose of the exhibition is to document the international work of pioneering computer artists in print form. The Block Museum of Art honored Richard by including “American Sunset” in its permanent collection.

A Wedding Portrait
Last fall, Bruce Tucker responded to a request for a portrait artist in Brush Strokes. Bruce followed up with an e-mail and some art jpegs via the Web.
By November, Bruce had a commission contract to do a montage of images depicting selected family members across the generations with the patron’s parents in the middle. There were three preliminary drawings that were approved by the client and one final painting. Bruce finished the montage by December and the Corvallis resident gave the painting as a Christmas present to his parents in Illinois.

Bruce says the patron and his family are very happy and “So am I.” Bruce wishes to thank the Guild, Brush Strokes and all his art instructors, father Bruce Tucker, Mark Allison, Bill Shumway and Dee Yarnell. The result, Bruce says, “I got my first portrait commission.”

Call to Artists
Applications are now being accepted from artists interested in vending at a new Corvallis Artisans Market beginning April 19 and continue every Saturday until November 15. For more information, call 752-ARTS or visit the website at corvallisartisansmarket.com.

The Albany Arts Commission is inviting artists to display work in rotating exhibit spaces at the Albany City Hall and the Albany Public Library. Criteria includes artwork that sparks curiosity and interest or illustrates Albany’s history or Willamette Valley landscape and is appropriate for display. If interested or to learn more, call Joy Guililand at 917-7772.

Out & About
Computer Digital Art Forum- Saturday, February 2 at 10 am at the Corvallis Public Library, basement Board Room.

Dine For the Arts at Squirrels Tavern, 100 SW 2nd Street, in Corvallis on Thursday, February 7-Chinese New Year.

Corvallis Arts Center, Albany Brass Ring Carousel Exhibit by the Mid-Willamette Valley Woodworkers Guild continues to February 8. It is a not-to-be-missed exhibit.

Corvallis Art Guild Board of Directors meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 19 at 1 pm at the home of Secretary Jasmine Nahorniak in Albany.

Chocolate Fantasy and Art Auction, the annual fundraiser for the Arts Center, will be on Saturday, February 23 from 6:00 – 10:00 pm at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center at OSU. Ticket purchased in advance saves you $5. Cost is $45 at door.

News & Notes
Dale Draeger is showing her current landscape paintings at the New Morning Bakery at 219 SW 2nd in Corvallis until March 1.

Terry Tallis, District Chapter 201 of the Colored Pencil Society of America President says, “If you want to keep up with the activities of the colored pencil community in Oregon, bookmark http://www.cpsa201.org. A great new workshop from internationally known and recognized colored pencil artist Cecile Baird is being presented March 15 – 16 in Wilsonville. Check it out.”

Hope Meados is exhibiting at the Good Samaritan Hospital in Corvallis through the month of March. Jordan

Carol Chapel reports that the day after the Chocolate Fantasy, Sunday, February 24, she will be having a reception for “recent and not so recent” artwork at Gathering Together Farm at 25159 Grange Hall Road in Philomath. She invites you to drop in between 1- 4 pm for cake, wine and music.

For Sale -10 sheets of glass, size 22″ x 28″ in unopened box for $35. Call Carolee, 929-4796 or e-mail to Carolee for information or to purchase.

Ann Rosé, CAG Website chair, says that in order to maintain security, membership information (names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses) is not posted on the website. Guild bylaws, history, and other directory info is.

If yours is the “mystery name” placed in this newsletter, call Treasurer DiAnn Acevedo before our February 4 meeting to collect a $10 discovery win.

Bobby Jansen’s artwork appeared in the December 2007 “The Artist” magazine with an honorable mention in the still life category for its annual art competition. Jansen’s artwork is on display at Pegasus in Corvallis. Jansen is an Albany resident.

Joe Norton and Norma Eaton’s artwork will be on display at The Arts Center’s Corrine Woodman Gallery from February 5 through March 1.

Acrylic and oil painter Diane Widler Wenzel will have a solo exhibit, “Dragons Boogie Woogie” at the Enid Joy Mount Gallery, Keizer Art Association at 980 Chemewa Road, Keizer, February 1-26. The gallery is open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 1-4 pm and Saturdays 10-4 pm with an artist’s reception on Saturday, February 2 from 2 to 4 pm.

Dorial from Mona Lisa’s Frame Shop in Albany will be presenting a program called “Appropriate Practices and Framing Trends” for our March meeting giving tips on framing.

Website Tip of the Month
For members using our web site, website developer Pam Van Londen offers the following: Members who have registered to use the web site can update or change their password.

Log in with your current password and click the Profile tab.
Scroll down to the Update your password section. Type a new password twice, then click Submit.

For future reference, these instructions are under the Guild->Web Site menu on the Home page.
Discussion Topics on the website The Spring 2008 Field Trip Possibilities discussion is currently open on the corvallisartguild.org web site. Log in and participate in the current discussion with ideas for field trips by selecting Commenting.
If you have any website questions, you may e-mail Pam at pam@i-paint.us or phone her.

Welcome, new members!

Meg Sodano does work primarily in pastel, acrylic and watercolor.
Michal Wilmert is an acrylic artist.
Trinidad Moselle-Tholognat does artwork in watercolor, oil, pastel and acrylic.