General Meeting Minutes February 2008

Corvallis Art Guild
General Meeting Minutes
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
February 4, 2008

At 7 PM the social half hour commenced.

The turnout was approximately 51 members plus 4 visitors.

Co-presidents Carolyn Madsen and Brandi Dayton called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Visitors: The four visitors introduced themselves.

Member directories: Gretchen Bencene (Membership chair) still has new member directories. She will be sending those she has left to members in the mail.

Workshops: Several workshops have been suggested. A list was available at the meeting. Members were asked to initial two of the workshops that interested them to help in the decision. Marjorie Kinch has volunteered to determine the status of a Ruth Armitage workshop (Ken Stewart had begun to organize this).

Jury: A reminder was made that the next jury meeting will be held on Monday, April 7 2008 in the library, at the same time as the general CAG meeting.

Fall Festival workshop: Cynthia Spencer will be holding a mini workshop discussing how to prepare for the Fall Festival. It will be held from noon to 1 pm on March 6th 2008. For more information call Cynthia at (541) 752 9655.

Art Center Carousel show: This show was described as stunning and fun. It will be on until February 8th. The carousel group is seeking volunteers to help carve and paint.

Exhibit chair: Norma Eaton had no news.

Treasurer: DiAnn Acevedo reported a balance of $9166.77. Carolyn Madsen (co-president) noted that this amount will decrease soon as CAG will be making its yearly donations to several school art departments ($100 each).

Chocolate Fantasy & Art Auction: A reminder was made that this auction is coming up on Feb 23rd at the CH2M Hill Alumni Center.

Digital Arts Forum: Carolyn Madsen (co-presiden) reported that the forum (held Saturday Feb 2) went very well. Terry Tallis (member) will be presenting a summary white paper at an upcoming CAG meeting.

TV art program: Paul Rickey (member) announced that the “Focus on the Arts” show will begin in March. The first place to be filmed will the the Art Center. The show will be different every month, and will be rebroadcast weekly. It will appear on channel 29 (basic cable is required).

Paper art: Norma Eaton (exhibit chair) brought in some pictures of amazing 3-D art made with one sheet of paper. They are works by Peter Callesen and can be seen at .


Anna Tewes (program chair) introduced Mark Allison (local artist and teacher).

Mark began his program discussing various elements of design, followed by a slide show of example artwork, and ending with a critique of works from the audience.


• How do we make it better?
• Rules of design developed over thousands of years
• Not really rules
• Most important part of painting is showing up
• Unity and variety are both important
o Colors, tonal gradation, overlap, curves, contrast
• Want energy hierarchy in a painting
o Tonal contrast wins over color contrast (but it depends on the size)

Moving the Eye Around (in order of importance)

1. tonal contrast (value)
2. other contrasts (line, shape, texture, size, direction, complete vs. incomplete shapes)
3. human interest or psychological attention magnets
• human figures, faces, eyes/eyespots, babies, kittens, dogs
• human interaction
• defying nature (e.g. floating in air)
• fearful shapes (sharp things – claws, swords, spikes)

Left brain considerations (to be made while painting)

• high contrast area creating a dominant “center” on or near a “sweet spot” (a sweet spot is located a different length from each side, or use thirds rule except on a square)
• radiate or spiral out from the dominant “center” (a gradation of all other contrasts)

Right brain perceptions (the first things noticed when viewing a painting)

• edges
• light and dark shades
• spaces
• relationships
• gestalt (the whole thing)

• right brain makes the decisions; if it likes it, will keep on looking

General points

• should make all areas of the canvas “active” (e.g. not flat black)
• tonal variety is more important than color variety (eye sees it better)
• some artists use multiple perspectives in a painting to grab your attention
• present the mystery, don’t explain it
• make each area a different shape and show gradation within it
• if you do the sketch well, the painting is half-finished

Some artists Mark Allison admires

• Clyde Aspevig
• Len Chmiel
• Marcia Burtt
• Camille Przwodek
• Martha Saudek
• Frank Serrano
• Kevin Macpherson
• Kim English
• Michael Schlicting

The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 pm.

Next general meeting: Monday, March 3rd at 7:30 PM (library).
Next board meeting: Tuesday, February 19 at 1 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Jasmine Nahorniak, secretary


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