“Digital Dimensions”~Mt. Hood Community College

A call to practicing artists throughout the Pacific Northwest to submit work that includes digital art–in part or in whole. This is the second edition of our digital art exhibition. This year, Blackfish Gallery and Mt. Hood Community College Visual
Art Faculty will jointly select the work to be exhibited at each location: Patrick Barrett and Mary Girsch (MHCC) & Angela Passalacqua and Greg Conyne (Blackfish).

Blackfish Gallery & Visual Arts Center, Mt. Hood CC
March 4 – 29,  2008
Submission Deadline:  February 20

Goals of this exhibit:
The main goal of this exhibit is to have an in-depth exploration and discussion about how artists use the computer as an art-making tool. A panel of artists and art educators will come together to share thoughts and debate theories. Art educators, middle school through high school, are especially encouraged to bring their classes to these exhibits and to continue the art making discussion back in the classroom. We plan to have online computers in the galleries, sharing favorite digital art sites solicited from the exhibiting artists. We are currently in the midst of the fluid adolescence of this contemporary medium and to have a visual and verbal examination of its convergent complexities and conundrums would be relevant to artists, art educators and viewers alike.

To the Artists:
What is digital art? What does it look like? Can it be a component in a composition, or must the work be exclusively built on a computer and produced by means of digital output devices? Is the computer best used when it mimics the look and style of traditional media? Is it now developing a look of its own? Do graphic design and digital photography also fall within the realm of digital fine art, or are they varied enough to be considered as separate entities? What do we allow within the scope or definition of digital art practices?

Panel Discussion Topics:
Are there generational differences between older and younger artists in their approach and use of computer generated images. Do instructors view or apply the tools in significantly different ways than their students? Do faculty and students have divergent attitudes and ideas about the roll of traditional practices and methods in the use of the computer as art-making tool? What changes in content and subject matter has the digital era brought about in the past 20 years?

College art faculty are encouraged to select one of your more promising students for inclusion in the exhibition

Every effort will be made to include all artwork submitted. However, the curators request the right to omit work due to the amount of work received and limitations of space.

For more information and submission form please contact
Mt Hood Community College (503-491-6075)
Pat Barrett (pat.barrett@mhcc.edu)   Mary Girsch (mary.girsch@mhcc.edu),
Angela Passalacqua at Blackfish Gallery (bfish@teleport.com).


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