General Meeting Minutes March 2008

Corvallis Art Guild
General Meeting Minutes
Corvallis-Benton County Public Library
March 3, 2008

At 7 PM the social half hour commenced.

The turnout was approximately 52 members.

Co-president Brandi Dayton called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.

Meeting location: The next meeting (April 7 2008) will be held at the Art Center (upstairs).

Jury: A reminder was made that the next jury meeting will be held on Monday, April 7 2008 at 6 pm in the library basement meeting room, at the same time as the general CAG meeting (which will be at the Art Center).

Clothesline Sale: Norma Eaton (co-chair) circulated a sign-up sheet for volunteers at the Clothesline Sale. The sale will be held August 2, 2008.

Drawing instructors: Someone is seeking a local artist to teach drawing in their home. For more information see the CAG website.

Digital Dimensions show: This show is taking place at three locations: Gallery 114 (Portland), Mt. Hood Community College, and Blackfish Gallery (Portland). The show will be at the Blackfish Gallery from March 4-29. On March 15 there will be a panel discussion on digital art (Richard Helmick will be on the panel) at Blackfish Gallery.

Critique group: Honor Hoover would like to start a new critique group. Call her if you are interested. There is also an open critique group every Tuesday at 9 AM at the Old World Deli.

Treasurer: DiAnn Acevedo reported a balance of $7405.25. $1200 was just distributed to several local high schools, plus $150 for the Willamette Valley Art Competition.

Fall Festival workshop: Cynthia Spencer will be holding a mini workshop discussing how to prepare for the Fall Festival. It will be held from noon to 1 pm on March 6th 2008. For more information call Cynthia at (541) 752 9655.

James Lavadour show: Carol Selberg (member) highly recommended the current show at the Hali Ford Museum (Salem; across from the capitol building). It is a landscape show about the west. The show is on until March 30 2008.


“Portrait Painting Techniques” – Dee Yarnell

Anna Tewes (program chair) introduced Dee Yarnell. Dee teaches at the Benton Center.

This program was a live portrait drawing demonstration. She had several completed portraits on display, and talked through her process of creating portraits as she worked with a model.

• Works in charcoal, black and white Conté crayons and pencils, pastel
• Works on white or toned paper
• Uses a kneaded gum eraser (must be smooth and warm when using)

• Starts with a chart (an oval with divisions on it for placing the eyes, nose, etc.) – will then see the difference between the chart and the model.
• Face is foreshortened – will look different depending on the angle of view
• Use some kind of measuring stick (e.g. a pencil) to help figure out the aspect ratios of the face. For example in this case, the distance from ear to ear was the same as the distance from the hat to the beard.
• Outside of nostril probably lines up with the inside corner of the eye.
• Sees shapes.
• Think in terms of negative and positive shapes and values
• The first sketch is erasable, before working with Conté. Then goes over those lines with Conté crayon, erasing any of the initial lines she doesn’t want.
• With Conté makes a value chart on the paper (e.g. white, paper tone, mid tone, dark)
• Works from top down a lot to avoid smudging
• Tones everything first (blending with fingers) using Conté crayon
• Remove some Conté with gum eraser for highlights
• Lightest light on point of nose closest to light (must be in the right spot!)
• Reflected light really enhances a portrait
• Added white Conté behind the face (as background)
• Hold back on detail until the end
• Uses Conté pencil for details (same color and value as crayon)
• Uses a mirror to instantly check for problems
• Finished in about 25 minutes.

• Huge difference between working from life and a photograph
• “A portrait is a series of adjustments.”
• “A portrait is a picture where there’s always something a little wrong with the mouth.”
• Fixative makes darks lighter and lights darker, so need to redo after fixing.
• Pastel drawings need a light shining on them.
• Dee was asked if she has ever published her method (no).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Next general meeting: Monday, April 7 at 7:30 PM (Art Center; upstairs).
Next board meeting: Tuesday, March 18 at 1 PM (location TBD).

Respectfully submitted,
Jasmine Nahorniak, secretary


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