Diane Widler Wenzel

“Sunset at Alamo Lake, Arizona” is a watercolor on 2 ply cotton rag museum board, 22″ x 16″ The outdoors has been a part of my art journey since 1956, at age 13. My mother gave me her oil painting box with hand-made brushes to entertain me during a camping trip. Ever since then I have been practicing on camping, hiking, back packing, boating and white water rafting trips. Living in the outdoors gives me time to visualize my place in nature’s mystery. So rather than reproducing the scenery, I am more interested in painting my feelings and connection to whimsy.

My latest adventure was camping out on location in our Winnebago in March, 2008. My painting adventure is posted on my blogs WilderWenzelArizona, Umbrella Painting, and Paul Veil’s Art for the Soul.


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