General Meeting Minutes June 2008

Corvallis Art Guild
General Meeting Minutes
Unitarian-Universalist Fellowship
Annual Potluck
June 2, 2008

At 6:30 PM the wining and dining commenced. There were 42 starving artists, who contributed lots of great food.

President Carolyn Madsen called the business meeting to order at 7:25 PM.

Board election: Carolyn Madsen (president) announced the nominated slate of board members: Mike Bergen (president), Maureen Frank (Vice President and Program Chair), Dick Helmick (secretary – absent), DiAnn Acevedo (continuing as treasurer), and Carolyn Madsen (past president). A motion was made and seconded to approve the nominees. All were in favor of the proposed new board members. There were none opposed.

Digital Art White Paper: The board has approved the digital art white paper contents, and sought the members’ approval. A motion was made and seconded to approve the digital art white paper as it stands. Approval was almost unanimous – there was one dissenter. The motion passed to accept the digital art white paper.

Board thanks: Carolyn Madsen (president) and those present showed their gratitude to the board members and chairs who served this past year.

Workshops: Carolyn Madsen (president) announced two workshops to be held in June 2008, and a third to be held in October 2008. The June workshops are: “Eyeball Perspective for Artists” by Richard Helmick, and “Make Your Own Cards: Relief Printmaking” by “Hap” Reubens, B.F.A. Information sheets and a sign up sheet were available. The planned October workshop has changed its title to “Creating Your Artistic Identity” by Ruth Armitage (watercolorist). This is a 4-day workshop for only $100.

Suggestions: Forms were made available at each table for members to provide suggestions and feedback regarding the guild.

Clothesline Sale: Norma Eaton (co-chair) is seeking two volunteers with pickup trucks to help at the clothesline sale. Registration forms for the sale came out in today’s newsletter. Copies were also available at the meeting, along with a volunteer sign-up sheet. Some members brought photos of artwork to be considered for the sale ads. Each member present was asked to vote using a single ballot. The winning pieces will be featured in the GT ads and in the poster.

Bookbin window: Maureen Frank (member) announced that CAG may advertise the Clothesline Sale in the Bookbin window for the entire month of July. She suggested that members contribute smaller pieces so more members can be included in the window.

Da Vinci Days: Mike Bergen (Da Vinci organizer) announced that the CAG / Vistas and Vineyards booth for Da Vinci this year will focus on art demos rather than selling art. Volunteers are desperately needed to help set up the booth on Friday July 18 2008 (5 PM), and take down the booth on Sunday July 20, 2008. Volunteers are also welcome to help work in the booth and help facilitate the whole process. A sign-up sheet was available at the meeting. Volunteers may sell small pieces in the booth if desired. If you are interested, please contact Mike Bergen (member). Mark Allison will be demoing both days, with a model. The adjacent booth will be the carousel booth, providing more subject matter. Other artists are welcome to join in. There will also be a Vistas and Vineyards critique session at noon each day – public are welcome to bring their art for critiquing.

Fall Festival: Mike Bergen (Fall Festival organizer) provided a sign-up sheet for the Fall Festival (Sep 27 and 28, 2008). There are 10 spots, each person gets 2 panels. There is a $10 fee to cover the cost of the tent. Each person must sign up for two 2-hour shifts, plus help either setting up or taking down. If more than 10 sign up, Mike will use a lottery system. Those that don’t get in will be on a waiting list. He asks that members only sign up if they are serious about doing it. It provides good exposure, but usually only lower end stuff sells. However, only high quality work should be brought since the rest of the Fall Festival is juried.

Newsletter: This was the first month that Henderson’s was responsible for mailing the newsletters. Miscommunication resulted in the newsletters being mailed late. It was hoped that members didn’t miss the potluck for this reason!

The business meeting was adjourned at 7:55 pm.

Next general meeting: Monday, July 7 at 7:30 PM (Corvallis Benton County Public Library).
Retreat for board officers (new & old) and standing committee chairs (new & continuing): Monday, June 9 at 1:00 PM (Carolyn Madsen’s house).
Next board meeting: Tuesday, July 15 at 1:00 PM (Art Center) – to be confirmed.

Respectfully submitted,
Jasmine Nahorniak, secretary


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