Watercolors by Linda J. Edwards at Albany Public Library

“A Dance Between Spontaneity and Control”
The current display at the Albany Public Library from May 17 to July 19, 2008 features Linda Edwards’ watercolors of floral images and landscapes. A number were painted outdoors on location. Others were painted from a still life or Linda’s photos. The artist’s great facility with the medium is expressed through different examples of her work. Some show a looser more spontaneous style and others a more highly rendered technique.
Born in San Francisco, Linda Edwards has been involved with art throughout her life. She has a B.A. in Painting from the University of California, Berkeley and an M.A. in Printmaking from San Francisco State University. She recently moved to Corvallis, Oregon to live in Coho Ecovillage, an intentional cohousing community. Prior to her move she lived in Santa Rosa, California and taught drawing and painting at Santa Rosa Junior College and Napa Valley College for 24 years. Ms Edwards’ artwork appears in collections both in the United States and in Europe including the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C.
Although Linda works in most two-dimensional media, an important focus in her artwork is transparent watercolor. She loves the clarity, brilliance and fluidity of this medium. Her subject matter includes floral, still life, landscape, figurative, and surrealistic imagery.