August 2008 ~ Brush Strokes Newsletter

Next Meeting

Tuesday, September 2
Corvallis Public Library Meeting Room
Half Hour Social at 7:00 pm ~ General Meeting at 7:30 pm

daVinci Days
“The CAG booth at daVinci Days was a big success and we received numerous positive comments from community members. Laura, our model, was a terrific attraction and a number of our and Vistas and Vineyard members brought their easels and painted her at the tent.

“The ‘daVinci Draw’ exercise was also well received by both young and older participants. One 7 year old started the exercise, then noticing Laura, made a drawing of her that equaled any of ours. I pulled out one of the CAG brochures and invited the little genius to join us. Mark Allison, as usual, did a great job helping with the booth and completed several demo paintings and drawings. So I want to thank him and all the other members who helped make this a success. I hope we can do this again next year,” said incoming President Mike Bergen and Chairman for our group’s participation in daVinci Days for this year.

Carolee Clark added, “I was privileged to see Mike Bergen in action as he ran the Corvallis Art Guild booth at daVinci Days. Mike was a pro at gently encouraging visitors to try their hand at the drawing exercise he had taken the time to prepare, engage them in conversation and inform them about classes, the upcoming Clothesline Sale and other art related events throughout this community. Not only was he on hand to talk to people all day long, both days, but he also organized the event and hired Laura to model for all who wanted to draw or paint. He put in a lot of effort during these two exhausting days, and I would personally like to give him a rousing round of applause.”

New Editor
Beginning with the new fiscal year, our September issue of Brush Strokes will be written, formatted and edited by Harold Wood who has so graciously agreed to take over the duties. Harold has experience with digital art and will be reformatting the newsletter to be downloaded from our website. The goal is to reduce the number and cost of the printed version.

All information that you wish to be included in next month’s newsletter should be sent to Harold at

News and Notes
Pegasus Gallery at 341 SW 2nd Street in Corvallis is currently exhibiting portraits by Herbert Berman.

LBCC Art Faculty Artists Show will run from August 2 through October 4 at the Benton County Historical Society and Museum including artists Mark Allison, Edith Harrison, Dee Yarnell, and Kristi Mitchell. A reception will be held on August 1 from 5-7 pm.

Isle Of Skye Painting Workshop-A lady artist from British Columbia looking for a roommate. Call Diane at 847-2257 or e-mail Deadline August 20. $100 off for CAG members signing up for workshop.

Trudi Timpone has sold her home and will be moving to Tangent and has “lots of frames and canvas for sale.” Contact her at or call 757-7428.

Chinh Le is exhibiting work at the Sylvia Beach Hotel in Newport from July 20 to September 19.

Eugene Cummings has two rotating, tiered card racks for free to whomever wants to come pick up. Call 967-9286.

Hope Meados is exhibiting at the City of Albany Library currently until September 19.

The CAG Website is being upgraded to make adding member galleries easy to add including biography and artwork photos. Pam Van Londen says that you can post yourself or e-mail to or

Lavonne Tarbox-Crone ‘s scissors painting,’ Kimono’ has been accepted into the 2008 National Watercolor Society Show in Fullerton, California. Congratulations!

Collaboration Painting Exhibit and Artists’ Talk by Carolee Clark and Donna Beverly on exhibit at Pegasus from August 1-31. Reception is August 14, 6:30-8:30 pm.

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” -Hans Hofmann