Application for Biannual Jury

Jury Application

The Corvallis Art Guild, a nonprofit visual arts organization, exists to advance creative achievement, to
provide educational opportunities, and to exhibit fine art in our community. The Art Guild is pleased to consider submissions of artwork from new artists through our jury process. All submissions will be thoroughly reviewed by our jury. The jury consists of a professional juror and two respected and proven artists selected by the Guild’s Executive Board.  Jury Committee members will serve a minimum of twelve months. If less than three jurors are present to jury at a meeting, an alternate will be selected by the CAG President or Jury Chair.


All artists must first reside in Linn or Benton County and be Associate Members of the Corvallis Art Guild for three months, before they submit work for jury to become an Exhibiting Member.

Between 6:30 and 7:00 PM on the day of the jury, members submitting art for consideration must deliver original works, which are framed, labeled, and ready for presentation.  They must also reclaim their art work after the meeting that evening. Corvallis Art Guild will not store juried work. We recommend that an artist submit no more that three works of art. The Corvallis Art Guild expects to see original art work rather than a reproduction. When submitting work, please include:

  • Artist statement (optional)
  • Artist resume or bio (optional)
  • One copy of this completed application form (Retain a separate copy for your records.)
  • A self-addressed and stamped envelope.
    Our jury is offered twice a year in October and April. Please check our newsletter and website for upcoming dates.
    NAME: ___________________________________________________
    PHONE (DAY): ___________________ PHONE (EVENING): ____________
    ADDRESS: _________________________________________________
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