Clothesline Sale 2008

The weather for the 47th Annual Clothesline Sale of Art was perfect–partially overcast, partially sunny, not too warm. Everyone had a good time, even though the crowds did not seem as heavy as they have been at recent past sales. Perhaps the economy and price of gas took its toll, since sales were down about 25 percent from last year.

Doyle Leek and Norma Eaton are interested in comments and suggestions from all who participated and will be having a meeting soon to discuss the Sale and plans for the next one. They want to thank everyone who helped in a thousand different ways, especially those who were not hanging.

Gross Sales Clothesline Sale 2001-2008
2001 $26,500.00
2002 $31,500.00
2003 $37,800.00
2004 $32,200.00
2005 $46,000.00
2006 $47,100.00
2007 $38.200.00
2008 $29,500.00


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