Evening Figure Group (Fairbanks Hall OSU)

Evening Figure Group (Fairbanks Hall OSU)
To all past and present members of the evening figure drawing group: This group has been meeting for decades. It seems high time to let the world see what we have been up to. If you are interested in the possibility of being a part of an exhibit of the work of this group, let me know. My intention is to assemble jpgs on a CD so I’ll have something to show any potential venue.

Please send two images (jpg or pdf) of drawings completed while attending the evening figure drawing group. These should be ones that you either have framed and ready to show, or are willing to frame for any possible exhibit. They should be at least 72 dpi and Mac compatible. Please have them to me by September 19. Use “EveningFigure Group” in the subject line of your email. Send to:Carol Chapel at cjchapel@casco.net

The evening figure group meets Wed. and Thurs. nights beginning Oct. 1 at Fairbanks Hall OSU room 116. $25.00 (10 weeks 19 sessions) 6:30-9:00 pm.


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