Members in the News ~ Sept. 08

Judging from the turnout, August’s show at the Pegasus Gallery was a success. The Caradon show, a collaborative effort by artists Donna Beverly and Carolee Clark, was particularly seamless in the melding of their styles and approaches. After selling everything but the kitchen sink at the Gazelle Gallery in Philomath, Caradon decided to take on Corvallis. Apparently, this artist Caradon has multiple amazing talents and is probably missing an ear. Click here to view Caradon images.

Trudi Timpone‘s corrected email address is

Let us welcome Claudia Weintraub as a new member.
Media: Watercolor

Herbert Berman has a blog.

Ellen Borowski sold a painting at the 3rd Annual Community Art Exhibit at the LaSells Stewart Center.

Linda Edwards has an impressive selection of work now at the LaSells Stewart Center.

Paula Lamont will be featured in the Calling Cards section of Victoria Magazine for the Nov/Dec issue.

Nancy Rogge received the Award for Excellence for her “Wetland Road” painting at the 16th International Exhibition of the Colored Pencil Society of America show in Seattle, WA. The Exhibition continues at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center through September 29, 2008.