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A new strategic direction for the Art Guild

As artists we are very lucky to be living in the mid-Willamette Valley area. In addition to our 225-member Art Guild, we have a 120-member plein air group Vistas & Vineyards, an extensive set of educational opportunities at OSU and LBCC, numerous annual shows and events such as daVinci Days, the Fall Festival, the Clothesline Sale, as well as Corvallis, which has already been designated “The Pacific Northwest’s most beautiful town”. So I propose that we declare this region the “Art Capital of the Pacific Northwest”, as stated above in the new tag line under the Brush Strokes banner.

Our plan is to use this newly-declared title as part of a strategic plan for the Guild aimed at developing a larger local art market and greater opportunities for our membership. We know that any good plan needs to be measurable and have a specific and achievable goal, and thus since many of us were disappointed at this year’s Clothesline Sale sales numbers, we will use this as the measure. Our goal can be a 25% increase per year. The recent Clothesline Sale de-briefing meeting already identified some opportunities for achieving this goal, and I expect we will develop a number of others in the next few months.

I recently started using this tag line on my personal blog and received the following comment from an artist in Vancouver… “so that is where the art capital is hiding.”

I ask that we all bring it out of hiding.
Mike Bergen


October Board Meeting

Next Board meeting will be October 21 in The Arts Center basement at 1 pm.

Good Books

Art Spirit by Robert Henri and Color by Victoria Finlay are the two volumes that can be read and re-read. De Kooning by Mark Stevens and Annalyn Swan is not only the history of the painter himself, but of his times.

News of Members

Remember: CAG members can post news articles directly to the CAG web site at

Ellen Borowski sold two paintings from the Art in the Valley show at the La Sells Stewart Center. Say it isn’t so! Norma Eaton is moving….no, it’s more like a six-month fade to being completely moved. We’ll miss her.

Carolyn Madsen is replacing Janet Ekholm as our representative to Corvallis Arts Center Board of Directors. Thank you both very much.

Herb Berman’s new email is

Correction: Claudia Weintraub’s email is:

Have you paid your dues?

World-wide Sketchcrawl on Oct. 25

The 20th world-wide Sketchcrawl has been set for October 25. If you enjoy drawing and want to join others in an all day drawing marathon, check out for details.

There is a small, but tenacious, group that has been participating in Corvallis for several years. Visit the site and see what sketches were done in Zurich or Paris or Chicago or Corvallis.

From the Editor

News? Submission deadline for the November newsletter is Oct. 23. Send information to Harold Wood or 3541 SE Shoreline Dr., Corvallis, OR 97333.

The editor is looking for CAG original “clip art” for the back page every month : pen/ink, woodcut, silkscreen,poster, etc. Needs to look good small.

One of our more literate members has suggested we cover good art websites and inspiring art books in Brush Strokes. Suggestions….anyone?

For Sale

Toni Acock has a large hand-decorated antique easel for sale for $250/OBO. Call 757-8523.

Karen Brocket has miscellaneous new and used picture frames to sell/give away. She also has some stretched, prepped canvases. Best to use email to communicate.

Volunteers need for important CAG work

Sue Noel has finished her 3-year commitment as our Arts Center Exhibit Committee Representative and we need a new volunteer to replace her.

Norma Eaton is moving out of the area and we will be needing someone to head up the Hanging Around Town schedule.

Doyle Leek needs a co-chair for the Clothesline Sale next year.

The Board is looking for members willing to organize a workshop.