October 2008 General Meeting

Monday, October 6, 2008
Bring your latest work of art to display during the social.

Social 1/2 hour at 7:00 pm ~ General meeting 7:30 pm

Corvallis-Benton County Library

“Why Design Matters “ by Donna Beverly

Donna will have a discussion about why design matters in all artwork. There are three concrete stages to most artists’ work: 1. Learn to copy what you see and master the medium. 2. Understand and apply the ideas of good design like an architect begins a structure. 3. Creatively express your personal ideas through your art.
The terms design and color theory keep most artists from developing the next stage of mastery. Donna Beverly will demonstrate that both design and color theory are essential tools to success and growth of the artist. Most people can accomplish the first stage with practice and persistence. Understanding what makes a good design is where most artists stop, and only rarely does the artist master the first two stages and pursue self-expression.
“Artists without the understanding of design and color theory are like airline pilots without any training and understanding of the basic principles of flight. The untrained pilot crashes; the untrained artist keeps copying the world around her or him and only their family displays their artwork.”

Marian from Creative Crafts will be attending our October 6 meeting and will listen to member input as to art supplies and services she might add to her store here in Corvallis.


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