Why you should use this web site

Did you know this web site is made for you?

Each week you can:

  • Post your bio and new art images (you get your own web page!)
  • Read the news left by other members
  • Read the newsletter
  • Read a recap of the monthly meetings
  • Read a recap of the board meetings (requires you login first)
  • Check guidelines
  • Learn a new web site skill
  • Start a discussion

If you click the Bookmark link at the very top of this web site, you can save the link to the site in your Favorites AND view the headlines to see if there is something new to read. This is called Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feeds. RSS allows you to read many headlines from your browser’s toolbar or favorites menu.

Click the link now to save the Corvallis Art Guild web site to your browser bookmarks/favorites.