May 2009 Brush Strokes Newsletter

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Jury General Information

The jury:

The Corvallis Art Guild, a nonprofit visual arts organization, exists to advance creative achievement, to provide educational opportunities and to exhibit fine art in our community. The Art Guild is pleased to consider submissions of original artwork from new artists through our jury process twice a year. All submissions will be thoroughly reviewed by our jury.

The jury consists of a professional juror and two respected and proven artists selected by the Guild’s Executive Board. They will serve a minimum of twelve months. If less than three jurors are present to jury at a meeting, an alternate will be selected by the President.

The juries allow artists the opportunity to become Exhibiting Members of the Corvallis Art Guild. Exhibiting members may sign up to show their work at Hanging Around Town sites, participate in the Clothesline Art Sale, and submit work for the banner on the web site and the Brush Strokes newsletter.

Artwork is assessed based on design principles, technique, presentation (e.g. framing) and originality. The following jury scoring form lists the types of attributes the jurors are looking for:
For artists wishing to submit digital art, please see the following white paper:
Applicants receive notification of their acceptance or non-acceptance by the Jury Chair. Reasons are provided in the event of non-acceptance.

Applying to be juried:

To apply for the jury, the artist must reside in Linn or Benton County and have been a paid-up associate member for at least the past three months. The juries are held in April and October each year. Members must contact the jury chair to inform them of their interest in being juried. Registration forms are available from the website at:


The juries are usually held on the same day and time as the Corvallis Art Guild general meeting for that month. Artwork should be dropped off at the jury location before the meeting, and picked up again after the meeting. Punctuality is important! Corvallis Art Guild will not store juried work. The jury process takes approximately two hours, depending on the number of applicants. The location, date, and time varies for each jury, so please check the newsletter and website for updates.

What to bring:

Remember that how you take care of and present your work says a lot about the respect you give to yourself as an artist.

• Three of your best works of two-dimensional art in the same medium. Work must be original (self suggested). No copies of other copyrighted artworks, or photographs, or work done in class with the aid of an instructor are acceptable. The works do not need to be the same size or subject but consistency is important. Reproductions will not be accepted.
• The work should be carefully and tastefully matted and framed, as if they were to be submitted to a juried competition. You will be judged on framing so pay attention to detail. If your work is behind glass it must have a spacer or a mat. Here is a link that may be helpful when framing your work: .
• Works should be labeled with the name of the artist, telephone number, title, and medium used.
• For digital art, only archival materials will be accepted (this protects your customer from purchasing something that will not hold up over time). Here is a link regarding archival printing:
• Artist resume or bio
• Artist statement
• For digital art, please include a description of your process.