Laura Sobol

Mother and Child 'Elephant Love'

Mother and Child 'Elephant Love' © Laura Sobol

I was born in California several decades ago and migrated to Oregon while in high school. There is a saying that goes something like this, “When you are in touch with nature, it brings out the best in you!” So true, so true, and so it has been for me.

I am happily married to my husband for over twenty years and we have three children. I was always creative from the first I can remember. Art and writing are my way of expressing appreciation of all that is dear to me as I make my way through life. I attribute every gift and blessing in my life to God, the Great Spirit. I am of European/Latina decent and have been informally adopted by James Martin (great, great grandson of Chief Joseph)- into the Nez Pierce Native American Tribe. James Martin touched my life in the ways he spoke at public gatherings, to people of all ages, sharing legends and stories that he learned from those before him.

Laura Portrait with signature 12 11 09

Watercolor on watercolor paper 9"X12" produced Dec. 2009 by Laurel Sobol

My hope is to broaden the love and pride people feel about the Earth, our sapphire jewel floating in space, our one and only place we call home, our mother, our food, our livlihoods, our future generations to come, our pride and glory. There’s no place like home and there’s no better time to love and protect it like now and forever more.

Fishing in the Great Northweat by Laurel Sobol 2010.jpg  without signature

Awards and Honors Plus Other Accomplishments

-1974 Bicentennial Art Award for best design in the school district

-1976 Academic Excellence for junior high

-1979/1980 Honored to be an editor, writer, general paper layout and marketing advertiser for highschool newspaper “Panther Profile “ newspaper

-1980 Outstanding Art Student of the Year for highschool

-1980 National Honor Society Induction

-1990 President’s List Excellence in Studies

-1991 Phi Theta Kappa Inducted Member

-1991 Art Appreciation Studies

-1991 A.G.S. Associate of General Studies in Math/Science

-1991 Biological Illustration Studies

-1993 B.S. Bachelor of Science Education & Biology

-1993-Present Understudy Student of Bob Ross via OPB as well as other
renowned artists present and past

-2003 Poetry ‘Color’s of Life’ hardcover with poem titled “Freedom in America”

-2004 First Place Blue Ribbon for painting titled ‘Wave of Change’ bestowed upon Laurel by the BAAA (Bay Area Art Association) and the Coos Bay Art Museum

-2004 Coos Bay Community College Art Exhibit Participant

-2004 Member of BAAA (Bay Area Artist’s Association)

-2004 Member of Coos Bay Art Museum

-2006-2009 Artist Gift Cards with Poetry and self published book carried in
a local bookstore and gift shop

-2006/2007 Artist Gift Cards at Salem Carousel Gift Shop

-2006 Self Published booklet “Sleepy Time in the Big Woods,” written and

illustrated by Laurel Sobol

-2006 Self Published booklet “Come Sail Away With Me” written and illustrated
by Laurel Sobol

-2007 Poetry Oratorical Open Mic

-2006-2009 Art Lessons for youth and micro art exhibits in the schools

-2009 Member of CAG juried artist guild for 2-Dimensional Art


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