Inspiration is a Reach Away

…The Countdown to Completion!
Every painting comes with care from this artist here
I think about what it is I want to paint
I often research my subject and study it sometimes years before I begin
The ‘Art Walk’ is a trip that takes me from the initial preparations to the
Final brush stroke on the painting
My art tells me about where I have been and where I am going and
Seeing the ‘Art Walk’ of my life is quite a fascinating thing for me to see
I put my all into every piece of art I do including culinary art!
I have journeyed the globe in my research while never leaving the USA
In my ‘Art walk’ I have found that our Earth needs a lot of love and
Appreciation for Earth can never be ‘too much’ as our planet
Is a most special and unique place where people live with one another,
All the animals and plants and nature
Every little thing a person does will have an impact on Earth
Via cause and effect
So let’s take pride of the planet, take care of it the best we can,
Then let us thrive with good people relations, good management of
Food and water to make it as nutritious and pure as possible
Then, our planet, our great jewel in space, will last and endure for all time!
…Perhaps it most interesting to know that each and every one of us has a gift of our own be it big or small, to dream and try is most important of all!

Author Laurel Sobol


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