Dee Yarnell, painter

Recollections oil 14 x 18 $795 © Dee Yarnell 2008

Recollections oil 14 x 18 $795 © Dee Yarnell 2008

Since earning a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon and a degree in education from Eastern Washington University, I’ve had a wide variety of art-related experience. At the U of O I completed a successful series of portraits for a graduate project. This led to a career doing portrait commissions. At one time I was resident portrait artist for an upscale department store and this led to doing promotions for other stores and also for cosmetic companies.

Over the years I’ve expanded my interests to include landscape, floral and still life paintings. I work primarily in oils and pastels.

I’ve taught for colleges, art schools and galleries throughout the west coast and when teaching I strive to present basic information in a manner that captures student interest. I’m always seeking new methods to excite students and stimulate their curiosity and desire to improve.

I prefer to work from direct observation. Each painting begins with the simplification of the subject into three basic values, light halftone and dark. Then with color and light I describe the subject using a technique that captures the essence of the moment.

My goal is to create beautiful works that appear effortless, no matter how complicated the subject. I want the viewer to be drawn into the work, undistracted by irrelevant detail.


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