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40th Annual Corvallis Fall Festival Poster Artwork Competition

40th Annual Corvallis Fall Festival Poster Artwork Competition

Request for Artwork

In celebration of our 40th Annual, Corvallis Fall Festival invites visual artists to submit artwork to be considered for the 2012 Festival

Poster. This artwork is used in all festival promotions throughout the year.  A selection committee will chose poster finalists, and from those finalists, online voting will help us determine the winner. There is NO Entry Fee for this Competition! 

DEADLINE to Enter: March 30, 2012


FMI:  Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock –


Fall Festival 2010

A few shots of CAG artists at a well-attended Fall Festival-

Three of the exhibiting artists at the CAG booth were Jasmine Nahorniak, DiAnn Acevedo, and Chinh Le.

CAG booth

CAG booth

Maureen Frank is the Mandala Lady

Maiah Creations

Maiah Creations

Mike Bergen chats with visitors admiring his work.

Mike Bergen

Mike Bergen

Fall Festival hosting Guild members Sept 25 and 26

Corvallis Fall Festival is Sept 25, 26, 2010

See Guild Member paintings for sale at Corvallis Fall Festival.

Corvallis Fall Festival 2009 Booth

CAG booth at 2009 Corvallis Fall Festival

The CAG booth was well-visited during the Fall Festival.

Corvallis Fall Festival

Donna Beverly's Fall Festival Poster Art 2008

Coming up quickly on September 27-28 is the Fall Festival. There are 10 spots for CAG artists, each with two panels. At present we have 10 people who have signed up. We anticipate that we may have some cancellations, so if you are interested in being on the wait list, please let Mike Bergen know ASAP.

7th Corvallis Fall Festival Fine Arts Showcase

Corvallis Fall Festival is proud to offer this invitational exhibition of artwork in the gallery-like

setting of the Corvallis-Benton County Library’s Main Meeting Room. This year’s Showcase features artists in a variety of media and will show “Autumn Paints Herself”, the original artwork created by Donna Beverly for this year’s poster.

A gala reception for the Fine Arts Showcase artists and kick-off for Fall Festival will be held Friday, September 26, 2008, from 6-8 pm. Hours for the show are 10-6 Saturday, September 27, and 10-5 Sunday, September 28. The Corvallis-Benton County Public Library is located at 645 NW Monroe Street, Corvallis.

For more information on the Fall Festival, click here.

2008 Fall Festival ~ Sept. 27-28

This year the Art Guild will again participate in the Sept 27-28 Fall Festival. We will have 10 spots with two panels for each spot.

Participants must be juried members of the Guild. Members should display their best work since the Festival is a juried event and we need to uphold their quality requirements. Two members may share a spot if they wish.

For each spot, the participant must pay $10 and also sign up for two two-hour shifts as well as help with either set-up or take-down. Set up will be at 5 pm on the Friday before the festival. Take down will be at 5 pm on Sunday.

We announced this event at the recent pot luck and already have filled the 10 spots, with a “wait list”. So if you are interested please contact Mike Bergen at 745-3941 or, preferably, at . If we have many additional interested members, we will establish a fair selection process.

Mike Bergen

Workshop How To: Fall Festival Art Booths 101

Who would like to Show and Sell at Fall Festival?

What: Free Workshop How To: Fall Festival Art Booths 101
When: Thursday, March 6, 2008 noon-1 pm
Where: Corvallis Fall Festival Office, 760 SW Madison, Suite 200

Learn what it takes to jury for and have a successful booth at the Corvallis Fall Festival. Thursday, March 6, from noon to 1 pm, Director, Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock will talk to artists who would like more information about how to market their work at art fairs in general and Fall Festival specifically. Cynthia marketed her pottery at retail and wholesale fairs for fifteen years.

To receive an application for the Corvallis Fall Festival, artists may send an SASE to:
Corvallis Fall Festival
760 SW Madison Ave., Suite 200,
Corvallis, OR 97333

OR download one at The Application Deadline is May 1, 2008 Received.

For more information, or to sign up for this FREE workshop, contact Cynthia Spencer-Hadlock at: 541-752-9655 or by Email.

Corvallis Fall Festival 2007

Brandi Dayton, Artist and Co Chair of the Corvallis Art Guild, sets up the booth at Corvallis Fall Festival 2007.Professional artist and fellow CAG member Debby Sundbaum-Sommers was chosen by the Corvallis Fall Festival committee to create the image for this year’s event poster. An artist’s reception was held on Saturday, September 22 at Art In the Valley. If you missed seeing her artwork, Debby is included in the artist studio tour in Philomath this month. Despite Debby’s lovely depiction of a fall rain on the Willamette River and predictions of rain for the Fall Festival celebration this past month, the end of summer sun succeeded to shine through.

And, according to event chair, Brandi Dayton, so did the sales for the artist participants of the Art Guild Booth with sales exceeding $2000. Brandi would like to thank all the participants for the success of a great looking booth and for all the volunteer labor by Linda Peachey, Jack Hartman, Carolyn Madsen, Jake Dorr, Dee Yarnell, Norma Eaton, Pam Van Londen, Katherine Friday, Cherrill Boissonou and Barbara Story.

The Guild booth at Corvallis Fall Festival 2007.The booth held a wide double space this year with our new display boards attracting a lot of attention with the passing crowd. Brandi says that perhaps we should do the same with our booth at the Fall Festival, next year.

A special thank you, Brandi, for all your hard work in putting this all successfully together for us.

Fall Festival Sept. 22 & 23

Exhibit Chair Brandi Dayton will provide sign up forms for those who wish to exhibit at Fall Festival on September 22 & 23 at the September 4 general meeting or you may receive the downloaded form by e-mailing Brandi Dayton.

There is a $10 registration fee with no more than 10 available spaces. No crafts are allowed for this exhibit. For 2-dimensional art, the Fall Festival Board requires no less than 50% original art or no more than 50% in prints.

Annual festivals

The Guild sponsors a booth at both da Vinci Days and the Fall Festival, where Exhibiting Members can offer their artwork for sale.

Da Vinci Days is held in July and the Fall Festival in September.

The Executive Board appoints the chairpersons for these events annually. Participation is on a first come, first served basis.

A nominal fee may be charged for participation in these events, to cover some of the Guilds direct costs, but no commission on sales will be charged by the Guild. However, Fall Festival charges a small commission, usually 15%.