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Dee Yarnell, painter

Recollections oil 14 x 18 $795 © Dee Yarnell 2008

Recollections oil 14 x 18 $795 © Dee Yarnell 2008

Since earning a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Oregon and a degree in education from Eastern Washington University, I’ve had a wide variety of art-related experience. At the U of O I completed a successful series of portraits for a graduate project. This led to a career doing portrait commissions. At one time I was resident portrait artist for an upscale department store and this led to doing promotions for other stores and also for cosmetic companies.

Over the years I’ve expanded my interests to include landscape, floral and still life paintings. I work primarily in oils and pastels.

I’ve taught for colleges, art schools and galleries throughout the west coast and when teaching I strive to present basic information in a manner that captures student interest. I’m always seeking new methods to excite students and stimulate their curiosity and desire to improve.

I prefer to work from direct observation. Each painting begins with the simplification of the subject into three basic values, light halftone and dark. Then with color and light I describe the subject using a technique that captures the essence of the moment.

My goal is to create beautiful works that appear effortless, no matter how complicated the subject. I want the viewer to be drawn into the work, undistracted by irrelevant detail.

Inspiration is a Reach Away

…The Countdown to Completion!
Every painting comes with care from this artist here
I think about what it is I want to paint
I often research my subject and study it sometimes years before I begin
The ‘Art Walk’ is a trip that takes me from the initial preparations to the
Final brush stroke on the painting
My art tells me about where I have been and where I am going and
Seeing the ‘Art Walk’ of my life is quite a fascinating thing for me to see
I put my all into every piece of art I do including culinary art!
I have journeyed the globe in my research while never leaving the USA
In my ‘Art walk’ I have found that our Earth needs a lot of love and
Appreciation for Earth can never be ‘too much’ as our planet
Is a most special and unique place where people live with one another,
All the animals and plants and nature
Every little thing a person does will have an impact on Earth
Via cause and effect
So let’s take pride of the planet, take care of it the best we can,
Then let us thrive with good people relations, good management of
Food and water to make it as nutritious and pure as possible
Then, our planet, our great jewel in space, will last and endure for all time!
…Perhaps it most interesting to know that each and every one of us has a gift of our own be it big or small, to dream and try is most important of all!

Author Laurel Sobol now exhibiting member, Carolee Clark now exhibiting Carolee Clark of Corvallis, Oregon now exhibiting Carolee Clark of Corvallis, Oregon

The internationally recognized online gallery for daily painters has accepted Corvallis artist Carolee Clark and is showing her work online every day at

The Daily Painters Gallery is the first and largest juried gallery of daily painting artists. was founded in 2006 by artist and daily painter Micah Condon. It exhibits  over 30,000 paintings, and each artist adds more paintings every day.

Laura Sobol

Mother and Child 'Elephant Love'

Mother and Child 'Elephant Love' © Laura Sobol

I was born in California several decades ago and migrated to Oregon while in high school. There is a saying that goes something like this, “When you are in touch with nature, it brings out the best in you!” So true, so true, and so it has been for me.

I am happily married to my husband for over twenty years and we have three children. I was always creative from the first I can remember. Art and writing are my way of expressing appreciation of all that is dear to me as I make my way through life. I attribute every gift and blessing in my life to God, the Great Spirit. I am of European/Latina decent and have been informally adopted by James Martin (great, great grandson of Chief Joseph)- into the Nez Pierce Native American Tribe. James Martin touched my life in the ways he spoke at public gatherings, to people of all ages, sharing legends and stories that he learned from those before him.

Laura Portrait with signature 12 11 09

Watercolor on watercolor paper 9"X12" produced Dec. 2009 by Laurel Sobol

My hope is to broaden the love and pride people feel about the Earth, our sapphire jewel floating in space, our one and only place we call home, our mother, our food, our livlihoods, our future generations to come, our pride and glory. There’s no place like home and there’s no better time to love and protect it like now and forever more.

Fishing in the Great Northweat by Laurel Sobol 2010.jpg  without signature

Awards and Honors Plus Other Accomplishments

-1974 Bicentennial Art Award for best design in the school district

-1976 Academic Excellence for junior high

-1979/1980 Honored to be an editor, writer, general paper layout and marketing advertiser for highschool newspaper “Panther Profile “ newspaper

-1980 Outstanding Art Student of the Year for highschool

-1980 National Honor Society Induction

-1990 President’s List Excellence in Studies

-1991 Phi Theta Kappa Inducted Member

-1991 Art Appreciation Studies

-1991 A.G.S. Associate of General Studies in Math/Science

-1991 Biological Illustration Studies

-1993 B.S. Bachelor of Science Education & Biology

-1993-Present Understudy Student of Bob Ross via OPB as well as other
renowned artists present and past

-2003 Poetry ‘Color’s of Life’ hardcover with poem titled “Freedom in America”

-2004 First Place Blue Ribbon for painting titled ‘Wave of Change’ bestowed upon Laurel by the BAAA (Bay Area Art Association) and the Coos Bay Art Museum

-2004 Coos Bay Community College Art Exhibit Participant

-2004 Member of BAAA (Bay Area Artist’s Association)

-2004 Member of Coos Bay Art Museum

-2006-2009 Artist Gift Cards with Poetry and self published book carried in
a local bookstore and gift shop

-2006/2007 Artist Gift Cards at Salem Carousel Gift Shop

-2006 Self Published booklet “Sleepy Time in the Big Woods,” written and

illustrated by Laurel Sobol

-2006 Self Published booklet “Come Sail Away With Me” written and illustrated
by Laurel Sobol

-2007 Poetry Oratorical Open Mic

-2006-2009 Art Lessons for youth and micro art exhibits in the schools

-2009 Member of CAG juried artist guild for 2-Dimensional Art

Rusty van Rossmann

After 32 years of providing illustrations for Archaeologists I’ve finally decided to admit I’m an artist and so some exploring.

I started Van Rossmann Illustration in 1976 while a student at Sonoma State University. I was working with the Anthropology department and heavily involved in artifact drawing. I’ve kept the business going as a free-time effort steadily for the past 32 years and have illustrated a wide variety of publications from home inspection books to major Anthropological journals. While my specialty has been Native American artifacts I have also produced logos, commercial art, signage, advertising and house portraits.

Linda J. Edwards

Shadows ©2008 Linda J.Edwards

Shadows ©2008 Linda J.Edwards, Watercolor, 7.5" x11"

I am an award-winning artist who has been living in Corvallis for the past year.  I work in a variety of media including watercolor, oils, and prints.  I am also an art educator.  I  taught drawing and painting at community colleges for 24 years in California before relocating to live in CohoEcovillage, a cohousing community in Corvallis.  I am currently teaching watercolor and drawing for LinnBenton Community Education in  Albany, Corvallis Parks and Rec, and the OSU Craft Center. 

I love to paint landscapes outdoors on location.  I am a member of Vistas and Vineyards and spent many wonderful hours painting neaby locations with the group this past summer.  I was in a 3 person show at the Guistina Gallery at LeSells Stewart at OSU in August where  I showed 34 watercolors. I will be showing watercolors at the Albany City Hall in December of 2008.  I have work in collections around the world, including the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. My work can be seen on my website.

 “Shadows” is part of a painting project from Different Strokes from Different Strokes. Artists are invited to paint a weekly painting from a photo by Karin Jurick, which she posts on the site. She then posts all the submissions the following week. This watercolor was inspired by an upside down photo of a walker. We each created our painting upside down and then inverted the final result.

Donna Beverly award winning acrylic painter

© Pungent, acrylic on canvas

© Donna Beverly. Pungent, acrylic on canvas

Donna Beverly is an acrylic painter from Philomath, Oregon and has art workshops throughout the year.

1975 Masters Degree, Fine Arts & Art Education, California Lutheran College, Thousand Oaks, California
1971-1975 Teaching Credentials for Elementary, Secondary and Community College Levels
1970 Bachelors Degree, Visual Art, UCLA

I grew up in a rented house in the middle of a large, commercially-picked walnut orchard. Afternoons were filled with dust-covered rides on the harrow with my siblings – all of us being dragged by a dented yellow tractor driven by Tractor Bob. I never knew his complete name. I remember the purple stains from the walnut hulls on the Latino children’s hands when attending school. I earned my first twenty-five cents for a partial gunny sack of shelled walnuts at age five and spent it on a ride at the local county fair. The trees, the fragrance of the newly plowed earth, the farmlands, camping vacations at lakes and in the forests – all hold a special place for me. In them I find respite, comfort, connection. That connection is what serves me when I paint, whether the subject is landscape, still life or the human figure. I feel more at home in the farmlands and forests than any city. My few urbanscapes often convey my sense of city-claustrophobia. I am at home on the land.

Except for an occasional illicit ball-point pen tracing of the floral designs on my parents’ new sofa in my youth, I had no formal training nor encouragement in the arts until age 18. I am grateful to have had a hot-headed, probably bipolar teacher whose passion was the arts and travel. Her teaching of the history of art & ancient comparative cultures introduced me to a new and exotic world. I pursued training in visual arts at the University of California, Santa Barbara and Los Angeles (UCLA). I completed my bachelors degree and pursued my masters in art at Cal Lutheran College, Thousand Oaks, California. I was lucky enough to have a few decidedly influential mentors along the way. Bill McEnroe taught me the figure with great discipline. Richard Diebenkorn taught me the importance of shape in painting and Jan Stussy the diversity of line; both were instructors at UCLA. Gayle LaGuire shared her knowledge of design and love of color, and Signe Davis demonstrated the richness of layering and glazing in acrylic as well as a sense of richness of shape edges.

I began exploring watercolor while completing my master’s degree. My master’s project was a presentation of the elements and principles of design. After 10 years of painting in watercolor, I shifted to pastel, mostly soft pastel with some oil pastel. I then became a glassblower and co-owner of Gazelle Glass, Inc. with my husband and artist, Norman “Zolton” Horton. We currently co-own Gazelle Glass, Inc. My shift to acrylic occurred in about 2004 under the influence of Signe Davis.

Destroyed Paintings: In June, 1990, an arson-set fire was started on our one-lane road into the Santa Barbara community named San Marcos Trout Club. We and all our neighbors living there were immediately evacuated within 10 minutes. The fire quickly spread into the heavily populated city below, jumping a six-lane freeway, nearly reaching the Pacific Ocean. The evening winds turned and pushed the flames back up the steep terrain toward the Trout Club again. It was at this second visiting of the fire, that our home and business were consumed and all except our cat “Soot”, our car and seven unframed pastel paintings were destroyed. Of the 40 homes in that community, about 15 were burned. We were allowed to return after two days and found our three-story “converted-barn” reduced to about five inches of ash. One young woman was killed in the fire and several farm animals and pets also met their death. In all, 500 homes and 100 businesses were burned to the ground. All my paintings, excepting those sold to collectors and friends, were lost – approximately 20 years of artwork in all. We received great and generous assistance from the people in the Santa Barbara community. After briefly living in a generous friend’s home, we decided to relocate to Oregon and not rebuild in Santa Barbara. Our destroyed home site remains as a garden area for a previous next-door-neighbor in Santa Barbara. The Chinese symbol for “crisis” also means “opportunity” and now living in Oregon feels very much like a opportunity.

Norma Eaton

"View from Top " © Norma Eaton 2008

Norma Eaton works primarily in collage, painting her own papers for an inexhaustible variety of colors and textures. She has invented her own vocabulary for the paper textures she has developed.

The paper texture most often seen in her art she calls “smoosh” paper because various colors are “smooshed” together between 2 pieces of paper. These are often seen in the sky and in water.

Her subjects for painting are the beautiful northwest wild places. Every summer she and her husband hike the many natural areas of her home state, Oregon, gaining inspiration for her art. She is a member of the Corvallis Art Guild and a local plein-aire group, “Vistas & Vineyards”.

Her art can be viewed at the Westgate gallery in Philomath, the Corvallis Art Guild online art tour and at various businesses throughout Corvallis.

Harold Wood, Digital Artist

At his roots, Harold is a photographer that has been lured into the painter’s realm by the digital medium. The graphic quality of his art is the result of his education as a photographic illustrator, a career in advertising photography and the study of art history. His images all start out as photographs and have been digitally altered using historic painting principles. Harold prints his own images with archival inks and paper Onions