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Sept 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter

This is the Sept 2016  Brush Strokes Newsletter:

September Newsletter to All List

June 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter

The following link is for the June 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter

June 2016 Newsletter



Hanging Around Town Schedule May 2016

One Month Venues616

Two Month Venues616

Timberhill Athletic Club616

May 2016 BrushStrokes Newsletter

This is the link to the May 2016 CAG Newsletter:

May 2016 Newsletter

Membership Application


April 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter

April 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter


March 2016 Brush Strokes Newsletter

Please open the following link for the March 2016 Newsletter (posted 2/24/2016)

March2016 Newsletter

Feb 2016 BrushStrokes Newsletter

Please use this link for the latest BrushStrokes Newsletter

CAG February Newsletter

Hanging Around Town Schedule Feb 2016

The following are the latest Hanging Around Town Schedules,  posted 22 Feb 2016

Timberhill Athletic Club316

Two Month Venues316

One Month Venues316






December 2015 BrushStrokes Newsletter

The following pdf is the December 2015 BrushStrokes Newsletter:

December Newsletter