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For comments and information about the Corvallis Art Guild please contact Peggy Sharrow at


5 responses to “Contact the Guild

  1. Laurel would love to have visitors sign into the guest book or share their comments with her about her new website debut of Laurel’s World Art Guild
    at Laurel’s World Art Guild or url

  2. Harold,
    I’m offering my “Art of Marketing Art” class through LBCC Benton Center again: 10 week class/support group. Use the creativity you use to make your art, to market it. Hone vision, set goals, and discover the many marketing option that are out there for successful art business growth. Starts, Thurs., Oct 3, 3-5 pm. $69/tuition.
    If this fits in the upcoming newsletter, that’d be great. FMI:

  3. Hi: I was at the festival yesterday (Saturday) and saw some small glass dishes shaped like leaves with a little lady bug on them. You had a dark green and a light green and I believe they were $12. each. Is there any chance I could buy one of each and have them shipped to me? I live in Silverton. My email contact info is: or 503 873 5947 (home) or 949 922 9520 (cell). I would be happy to send you a check or pay by credit card. Please let me know. Thanks so much. Ann Ferrell

  4. Hello!
    I participated int he Guild Booth at the Fall Festival and have yet to receive my check. Do you or anyone know if I contact the Guild treasurer or the Fall Festival Treasurer? It was not a large amount. It was 364 dollars minutes % to Fall Festival and to the Guild.
    I surely need some help here.

  5. Hi, Is Caroline’s workshop at the end of February, all filled or is there a spot?

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