How this site works

Domain name

The domain name was purchased by web developer, Pam Van Londen. The domain was purchased at

Content Management

WordPress 2.7 is the Content Management System (CMS) installed on the server. This server comes installed with PHP 4+ and a MySQL database which allows WordPress to create categorized, dated, timed, authored, approved, and published Posts as well as static pages and outside links.

User Roles

  1. Super Admin status belongs to the Web Developer, Pam Van Londen.
    • This status allows the Developer to upgrade WordPress, back up the database, redesign/remodel the site design, and use all other functions.
  2. Administrative or Editor
    • Written content will be managed by the Board, Web Site Committee, Newsletter Editor, and Hanging About Town chair, using Administrative or Editor status.
    • Committee members Edit and Publish the articles.
    • Member authentication will be managed by the Membership Director.
  3. Contributor/Author Status:
      • Contributor is the default role placed on new registrants. If members want to upload images with their proposed articles, then their status must be changed to Author by the Web Administrators.
      • Members of the Guild can write news posts and comment on articles.
      • Members can update their web site contact information, change their password, and write a short biography.

      Browser compatibility needs

      All content will be visible in the three major browsers, which include Internet Explorer 7  and FireFox 2. These browsers have the most market share as of April 2008. Support for older browsers is not cost effective.


      The template for this site was designed by Pam Van Londen using the WordPress default template in addition to Breaking News and dTabs and many other plugins.