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To alleviate undo spam, self-registration is closed.

To request access to this web site’s writing and editing features, please contact the Board Chair or the webmaster. Only Guild members may have access to the web site’s Administrative Dashboard.

How to Log In

  1. Click the Login link in the toolbar (very top of site).
  2. Type your username and password (provided to you via email).
    • If you lost your password, please click ‘Lost Password.’ No need to ask the webmaster for another password.

Update your Profile

  1. Click the Login link in the Toolbar above the banner.
    • On the Login screen, type your userID and password.
  2. Click Users->Profile.
    • Add a quick note about your role with the Guild in the About field.
    • Update your email address.
    • Add your web site address.
    • Update your password. Keep it strong or risk having our site ruined by hackers.
      • A strong password includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters.
      • A poor password is comes from the dictionary or date.
      • KEEP TRACK of this information in a secure location.
  3. Save.


When done writing/editing, logout by clicking Log Out in the Dashboard, or Log Out in the Toolbar menu of the public view.

View the member list

When site Admins are logged in, they can view the list of registrants. Editors, Authors, and Contributors cannot see the list.